seachellesontheseashore said: just wanted to say that you are absolutely amazing at nails! you truly do have such a talent.... wish i could just carry you around everywhere with me so you can do my nails whenever i wanted haha :$ i was wondering though, do you do tutorials for some of your designs or do you just post photos?! i would love if you made videos or something to show us how to do them! :)

OMG thank you so much! This is honestly one of the nicest messages I’ve ever received! Come here so I can give you a big hug haha! <333 And as for tutorials, I’ve posted one on how I do my flowers here but I don’t do them often because I get very few responses on them. I would totally be willing to do a few more if I got any requests but I rarely do! If you have a request for a tutorial on a design I did or anything else let me know and I will see what I can do! (: Thanks again for your message! xo

Sunday Mar 3 @ 05:35am

laurensnails12 said: where can I find a really good tutorial on painting roses? Yours look fantastic! I love the purple rose nails you did, so cute!

Hey Lauren! Thank you so much!!! I did a tutorial on painting roses on my blog! You can find it here - Hope it helps! (: Don’t forget to like my page too and show some support! Thanks xoxo

Thursday Feb 2 @ 04:40am

mrcandiipants said: I saw you were wondering what polishes I used in my last post, and they are.... (I hope I remember these right haha) Essie Brooch the Subject as the base, the orange flowers are CG Peachy Keen and Essence Wake Up!, the blue flowers are CG For Audrey and (I think) American Apparel Malibu Green. The flowers are Sally Hansen Green With Envy and CG Starboard. They're not quite neons, but bright enough that they're perfect in the gloomy weather I'm having. Glad you liked them! : )

Awhh thanks for letting me know Candice! I have almost all of those and indeed, they’re not neons but they look so bright and colourful on your nails! Really loved your mani!!! xoxo

Monday Feb 2 @ 12:13pm

no-ebullience said: hi (: i just wanted to say that your blog is so inspiring ! i just lovee al the pictures you post ! thanks for making this blog (: xoxo

Ohh thank you so much! Comments like yours totally make my day! xoxo

Sunday Jan 1 @ 03:08pm

mrcandiipants said: Hey there! I just wanted to let you know that when I first started getting into nail art, yours was one of the first blogs I really followed, so to see you referencing my nail design and tutorial today in your post was very, very cool for me. Thanks so much! I also really love how your manicure came out! : )

Oh my god! I don’t know what to say!!! I am so honoured honestly!!! Thank you so so much, your message made my weekend ♥ and thank you, though to be fair, yours are much much better! I absolutely loooove them (: xoxo

Friday Dec 12 @ 06:22pm

nailsbybrittanymoody said: Love your whole blog! Can you recommend any other nail blogs on tumblr or the internet in general. I am yearning for some new inspiration.

Hey Brittany! Thanks! (: Sure, here’s a list in random order of a few of my favourite blogs:

I forgot about a hundred others but these are the ones I love a lot right now! You might know most of these already but I hope it helps anyway! xoxo

Tuesday Dec 12 @ 10:32am

inwonderlandiam said: For a perfect grey polish, you could always mix it yourself. Take a cheap bottle of white (or one with a formula you like) and add a few drops of black. Shake to mix it up. If you want a darker grey, add more black, etc. If you plan on adding a lot of black polish, use a bottle of white that isn't full. :)

For thedandiestlions! Great suggestion to franken your own perfect grey if you can’t find one! (:

Wednesday Nov 11 @ 01:56pm

reallysoftsand said: Hi there :) I'm such a fan of your nail art! I also read some of your reviews on your blog and I was wondering if you've ever tried Butter London nail polish? I would love to hear what you have to say about it. Thanks! :)

Hey!! Aw thanks so much for your sweet message! <3 I have never tried Butter London no! I would love to but they are really out of my price range. :( I might pick some up in London if I find them for a reasonable price. I have heard they have one of the best formulas though! I bet they are very good but their colour range hasn’t wowed me yet so far. X

Wednesday Nov 11 @ 01:55pm

thedandiestlions said: I've been looking around trying to find the perfect opaque grey polish. I want something that's light, pretty close to white. Any suggestions?

A really pretty grey is China Glaze Pelican Grey but I don’t know if that’s light enough for you? Not sure if you get Essence where you live but “Got A Secret” is pretty much my go-to grey and quite close to white! Very opaque as well! Hope that helps! (: xox

Tuesday Nov 11 @ 01:59pm

starlettapproved said: Thank you so much for following back. Your nail art is phenomenal, and so inspiring to me.

Aw thank you so much! TumblrBot suggested you to me! Instant follow!!! Love your style (: xox

Friday Nov 11 @ 10:14am

moist-plinth said: I read a while back that you used special nail adhesives to get your fake nails on and I wondered what their advantages and disadvantages were?

Yes I do! I use the nail tabs which is basically glue in sticker form. I prefer using them to regular glue because you don’t damage your natural nail nor do you damage the nail tips. They stay on for a very long time if applied correctly, I’ve worn mine for 14 days straight and longer! The only downside personally is removing the leftover bits of glue, but it’s still less hassle than removing glitter polish. (: Seriously love wearing nail tips and could recommend it to anyone. They look like my own nails and they feel like my own nails only they don’t break nor does my polish chip. It’s the best! xo

Thursday Oct 10 @ 07:05pm

octospiders said: How do you do the detailing on your nails?

Hi there fellow Whovian o/ Do you mean which tools I use? (: I almost always use thin nail art brushes, a lot of patience and a steady hand! Occasionally I will use a dotting tool but for detailing I always go for brushes. Hope that helps! X

Monday Oct 10 @ 05:44am

moist-plinth said: How do you organise your nail polish?

Funny you should ask! I have a post coming up about that on my blog in just a few days (: I have them all arranged by colour in an IKEA Helmer which is perfect for nail polish. I also keep my nail art supplies in there but it’s bursting at the seams so I might have to be getting a second one soon.  I would love to get an IKEA Alex (the tall white one) but it’s a bit too pricey.

Sunday Oct 10 @ 10:21am

m0j0sodope-deactivated20111006- said: You're amazing at what you do! I was a severe nail biter and just recently quit, I ca't wait until my nails are long enough to try fun things you have going on here (: do you do requests?

Aw thank you so much!! Congrats on quitting! And good luck with growing them out (: you will be so proud when you see your perfectly manicured long nails! I do welcome requests yes. Feel free to leave me some though I can’t promise anything. :) xoxo

Tuesday Oct 10 @ 06:53am

manifreshbyellec said: I'm loving your Vintage Rose tutorial. You know I've come across plenty, but this one is my FAV!! Keep it up, lady. ♥

Thanks so much darling! Really glad you like it. (: I’ll definitely be making more! xoxo

Monday Oct 10 @ 11:16am

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