trishdalish said: What nail polish color is good to wear for fall/winter time?

Any shade!!!

I personally don’t think you should follow seasons to decide your nail colour. Just go with what your mood dictates, or with what looks good with your outfit or just the shades you love! Typically you’d associate dark vampy shades with fall/winter but I personally like to mix it up and go for neons. Just go with what feels right! :)

Sunday Nov 11 @ 06:34am

icandomynails said: Hi, I was just wondering, how do you take your nail polish off? I know you do a lot of swatches and things and your nails always look so clean and perfect for each one. Whenever I take mine off, I can never get the polish all the way out of the corners of my nails. Is there a secret to it?

Hi there! Thanks so much for your compliments and question :)

Actually yes there is a bit of a secret (or trick) to it! I personally find it starts with application. Before you apply your nail polish, always push back your cuticles with a cuticle pusher or orange stick. Leave a gap between your cuticles and your polish when you paint your nails (don’t flood your cuticles!). If you don’t get any polish underneath or on your cuticles it will be a lot easier to remove afterwards!

When removing my polish I always use nail polish remover (I prefer acetone-based remover as this works a bit quicker!) and cotton rounds. When I’m left with a few stubborn bits of polish in the corners I just try and carefully remove it with my nail or with an orange stick.

Hope that helps! x

Monday Nov 11 @ 03:38pm

icandomynails said: Hi, do you have any tips for starting a nail art blog? I have no idea what I'm doing and you seem to have quite a handle on it.

Haha well thanks! My tips for starting a nail blog? Hmmm tricky question. Be yourself! Show your personality in your work, try and stand out. Don’t give up! Motivation is sometimes hard to find but it pays off if you stick with it.

As for more practical tips on writing and photography, I can forward you to some amazing articles my fellow bloggers have written. Their tips helped me so I’m sure they will help you!

Hope that helps! :) 

Tuesday Sep 9 @ 04:38pm

isobeldoesnails said: Your Galaxy drip nails are absolutely gorgeous! just had to say, they are amazing

Awh gee thanks so much!!! Means a lot! :) <3 your nails are seriously amazing too x

Tuesday Sep 9 @ 04:22pm

livingthepartylife said: heeyy (: do you know a good neon pink nail polish ? :$ like really really neon ;) xoxo love your blog !

Hey there! Thanks so much :) Some of my fav neon pink polishes are:

  • China Glaze - Love’s A Beach
  • Claire’s - Fabulous/Funky
  • ChNail - 5 (from Born Pretty Store)

The China Glaze one is definitely my favourite though. So bright and so pretty :) Hope that helps! x

Tuesday Sep 9 @ 04:20pm

fartiusmaximus said: I just wanted to say how much I love your blog! I just spent the last few hours going through all your posts and they were so amazing! I am inspired to do some awesome nail art now! Please never stop posting! lol

Thank you so much! That means a lot! :) <3

Friday Sep 9 @ 03:41am

aghostintothenight said: Hey there :) I just wanted to say hi & i absolutely love your works. I spent the whole night viewing your site, and i just loved it so so much. Your photography is beautiful also, i wish i was as great as you both in painting and in photography. Don't know what else to say, but i just wanna let you know that you're really amazing and talented. The stuff you could do with your hands, ugh. So perfect :o and also maybe cause you use the quality polishes, unlike me.. :c So that's all i guess. :3

Ughhh omg thank you so much for your message and your amazingly kind and generous words. You have no idea how much that means to me!

If you browsed back a long way then you’ll have noticed how much better I’ve gotten. I didn’t start being this awesome (I wish) so don’t give up! Practice practice practice and you’ll get there! <3

Wednesday Sep 9 @ 01:21pm

littledesigns said: we're both emilys that do nails woahhhhh

Awyeah YAY for Emilys!!! :D 

Wednesday Sep 9 @ 01:18pm

nails-love said: When you do a design, what inspires you? Or do you find nail art about something and then "copy" it but with some changes? Your nail art ir really awesome!

Hmmm! Well.. I’m often inspired by fabric prints, that’s probably one of my favourite things to do! Just go through my closet and recreate a print I like! I’ve done a super awesome design I’m posting up this week inspired by one of my favourite clothing items at the moment. I also like recreating work I’ve seen around but always state my sources and inspirations, very important hehe! And thanks so much! <3

Tuesday Aug 8 @ 05:31am

celina-sunshine said: You don't by any chance still have the GOSH Holographic nail polish for sale? Or know where I can get one?? :)

Nope sorry, I sold it quite some time ago! I know my dear friend Sammy from The Nailasaurus is holding a giveaway where you can win a bottle of GOSH holographic (and two other HTF shades!). I can also tell you that GOSH is bringing back that polish one last time at the end of this year. :) x

Wednesday Jun 6 @ 02:20pm

lustyloveylady said: I'm not asking - I just want to say that I love everything you do. I follow you on facebook and just omg, you're amazing =D You're like my nail idol!

Omg thank you so much! I’m like, blown away honestly. Completely made my day! You’ve no idea haha. THANKS <3

Wednesday Jun 6 @ 04:53am

fumblrweed said: I was just asking because I recently saw a post where someone made a tutorial for one of my designs, and I felt a little disappointed that I wasn't given credit for inspiration or anything. I don't mind if others use the same design, but seeing someone else create a tutorial for it irked me a little. I wasn't sure if my reaction was just me being petty or if others would feel the same way too. Thanks for answering though!

Oh god. I am so so sorry that happened to you. I would be really upset (I’m pretty sure everyone would be) so it’s definitely not you. It’s pretty sad this seems to be happening everywhere and to everyone. Unfortunately there isn’t much you can do but you have my (and a lot of other girls’ I am sure) support! <3

Tuesday Apr 4 @ 01:12pm

fumblrweed said: How would you feel if someone used one of your designs and made a tutorial for it, without giving credit?

Hey! How come you’re asking? Are you doing a post about it? I personally would be quite hurt I guess. It’s happened to me a couple times, but this was people using my photos and claiming them as their own and adding a step-by-step guide. I always think people should give credit where credit is due, if you are inspired by someone, mention them and let them know. It’s very flattering when someone is inspired by you but if they use your design without giving credit it’s not very nice! :) Hope that answers your question.

Tuesday Apr 4 @ 12:41pm

fluffylighter said: any thoughts about guys wearing toenail polish/art? hahaha

Are you asking what my thoughts are? I personally would say, why not haha! I saw a male nail blogger a while ago who was sporting all kinds of polishes and even toe nail art, even though I had to get used to it at first I don’t see anything wrong with it, though I kinda doubt society is ready haha. What are your thoughts? Do you sport polish on your toes? 

As for guys wearing nail polish on their hands, I think it looks awesome! Johnny Depp sporting blue polish was kinda hot to me, but then he could get away with anything.

Wednesday Mar 3 @ 03:36pm

manicured-maddie said: I don't understand why people would steal images of nail art -____- Maybe it's just me, but I like to know who the legitimate artist is! Thank you for pointing it out though, I unfollowed them immediately. I don't want to follow someone who deceives people into thinking they have real talent, especially by claiming other's as their own.

People are pretty much pathetic I guess. It hurts me to see it happen because I know how much patience and time us nail bloggers put into our work and seeing watermarks cropped off and pictures stolen is so frustrating. Giving credit to artists is SO important. And I agree with you, I always really want to know who did what so I can see their other work and throw them a follow and support them. I’m glad there’s people like you who feel the same way! (: We need more people like you in the (Tumblr)world hehe! xoxo

Thursday Mar 3 @ 03:50pm

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